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My Annual Report



Dear Mr Kiss,
Dear Mr Lissner,

I would like to congratulate you and your team on a successful annual report! Great ideas and implementation.
Regards from a satisfied shareholder,

Hubertus Leonhardt. Tübingen
(Via e-mail)


The company "Deutsche EuroShop",
Unique in its kind, is simply "top"!
All DES - shopping centers are very well positioned
So that investment and commitment are ever so efficient.
All members of the DES-team
are highly motivated, work really hard
And have always done so,
being reliable and resourceful, right from the start.
The direct contact with IR is super and
conveys a lot of excellent information value
Helping to establish trust and to create
the DES top image, this much I can tell you.
Shareholders, get to know and appreciate
the beautiful historic cities in Germany,
And enjoy exploring the gorgeous DES- shopping centers,
there is such a lot to buy and to see!
The shoppers` paradise is always
free from rain, heat, snow and ice,
And the very special atmosphere is
always welcoming and really nice.
So, dear DES - team, carry on just like that with
your work, enthusiasm and commitment,
We, the shareholders, will gladly promise
to shop to our hearts` content!!!

Lydia Schaefer, Solingen

Dear Mr Borkers,

It was with great pleasure that I received your 2006 Annual Report in the post yesterday.

To sum it up: I have never taken such a long or close look at an annual report. This is a great success for you! Congratulations on this excellent annual report (and of course on the excellent earnings)!

Best regards,

Holger Grandt, Barum

Dear Colleagues,

Congratulations on the excellent and brave layout of your 2006 Annual Report which I discovered at an event on annual reports in Hamburg. I was not the only one impressed with your layout - colleagues from other companies were equally thrilled with it.

Keep up the good work.

Best regards,

Angelika Obermann
Project Manager - Annual Reports
Arcandor AG, Essen
(Via e-mail)

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have been a shareholder of your company for a few years now and follow your performance with interest. In so doing, I have realised that I did not receive any quarterly reports whatsoever from you in 2007. Is there a particular reason for this?

Richard Pleininger, Konstanz

Dear Mr Pleininger,

Thank you for your question. For cost reasons and due to the wishes of shareholders on many occasions, we only publish the quarterly reports as PDF files for downloading on our investor relations website at

Please note that we will only send out the annual report in future at the shareholder’s request. We would be happy to add you to the corresponding distribution list.

Best regards,

The Deutsche EuroShop
Investor Relations Team

Dear Sir/Madam,

It was with interest that I read your new style of annual report. I believe that this is an alternative worth considering, especially for a company like Deutsche Euro- Shop. However as a shareholder, I always had the costs, which are sure to be higher, in the back of my mind.

I particularly read the report on Gdansk closely. However, the statement on page 77 about Gdansk being destroyed amazed me because my sources speak of the city being destroyed by the Soviet Red Army and not, as you write, by German attacks.

Since I am interested in the historical background, I would be extremely grateful if you could provide information on your sources.

Best regards,

Jürgen Hackemann, Bochum

Dear Mr Hackemann,

Thank you for your letter. We are extremely pleased that you, as a shareholder, have taken such a close look at our annual report.

As regards your comment about the report on Gdansk, we can only apologise to you profusely. Despite intensive research, our author seems to have made a mistake. Please excuse this mistake.

Kind regards,

The Deutsche EuroShop
Investor Relations Team

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