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12. Deferred tax liabilities

in € thousands as of
Utilisation Reversal Addition as of
Deferred tax liabilities 81,158 0 29,823 12,968 64,303

As a result of the lowering of the corporate tax rate as of 2008 from 25% to 15%, deferred tax of €29,687 thousand was reversed in income. Within the scope of a tax audit, €136 thousand tax provisions were also reversed in equity.

The deferred tax liabilities were recognised for the current consolidated profit for the period. Additions for companies in Germany amounted to €10,111 thousand, while additions of €2,857 thousand were made for companies abroad.

Deferred tax liabilities relate primarily to properties reported at fair value in accordance with IAS 40. At the balance sheet date, they amounted to €79,867 thousand (previous year: €107,502 thousand) and were partially offset by deferred tax assets on tax loss carryforwards of €15,564 thousand (previous year: €26,344 thousand).

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