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7. Other current assets

in € thousands 31.12.2007 31.12.2006
Unpaid contributions 11,326 15,273
Value added tax receivables 6,766 19,978
Deductible withholding tax on dividends/solidarity surcharge 209 1,092
Interest rate swap 207 207
Income tax receivables 39 2,360
Miscellaneous assets 2,722 2,990
  21,269 41,900

Unpaid contributions refer to capital contributions yet to be paid by minority shareholders for Stadt-Galerie Passau KG and Stadt-Galerie Hameln KG.

Value added tax receivables essentially concern our investments in Hameln, Passau and Gdansk. Miscellaneous assets primarily consist of other receivables from tenants as well as location securing costs.

The interest rate swap concerns the current part of the receivable, which is explained under Other non-current assets and which is attributable to our Polish property company in 2008.

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