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DES - Online Annual Report 2007

Governance and supervision

The Executive Board of Deutsche EuroShop manages the Company in accordance with the provisions of German company law and with its rules of procedure. The Executive Board’s duties, responsibilities and business procedures are laid down in its rules of procedure and in its schedule of responsibilities.

The Supervisory Board supervises and advises the Executive Board in its management activities in accordance with the provisions of German company law and of the Company’s rules of procedure. It appoints members of the Executive Board, and significant business transacted by the Executive Board is subject to its approval. The Supervisory Board is composed of six members who are all elected by the Annual General Meeting.

Members of the Executive Board are appointed and dismissed on the basis of sections 84 and 85 of the Aktiengesetz (AktG - German Public Companies Act). Changes to the Articles of Association are made in accordance with sections 179 and 133 of the AktG, and the Supervisory Board is also authorised, without a resolution of the Annual General Meeting, to adapt the Articles of Association to new legal provisions that become binding on the Company, as well as to resolve changes to the Articles of Association that only relate to the wording.

More information about the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board can be found in the Corporate Governance Report.

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