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The optimum tenant mix

The right combination of merchants is decisive for the success of a shopping center. One of the centre management’s main assignments is the assembly of a sector mix specifically tailored to each property’s individual location. In this instance, the property itself as a whole claims utmost priority rather than the leasing of each individual shop. In the interest of an attractive sector and tenant mix for visitors, space is let at various prices, strictly orientated according to the performance capabilities of the respective sector. In this manner, for example, toy and grocery stores can return to city centres and are represented once again in prime locations. This system is particularly advantageous for local retailers and business startups.

Specifically, this means for us: instead of focusing on a short-term maximisation of rental income, we concentrate on a long-term optimisation.

For visitors to our shopping centers, this means that a complete range of retail trade awaits them. This includes, for example, specialist electronics shops, grocery stores and chemists as well as various service-sector establishments such as banks, travel agents, cleaners and pharmacies. Fast-food restaurants, cafés and ice cream parlours provide the necessary refreshment and relaxation during a shopping excursion.

In contrast with the main shopping thoroughfares of German city centres, a portion of which are in the hands of large chain-store operators accounting for over 90% of the businesses, visitors to our shopping centers find a healthy mix of regional and local merchants as well as national and international chain retailers. Thus, each property possesses its own unmistakable character. Grafik: Abb. 3 und 4

Olaf G, Borkers

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